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ICO «U.CASH» Listed:

October 14, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

We are building a global distributed financial services network powered by blockchain technologies.  With the majority of the global population either  “over-banked”, “under-banked” or “unbanked”, U.CASH offers anybody with an internet connection an alternative to traditional centralized financial institutions like banks and credit unions.  

We are unbanking the world.  Unbanked users living anywhere in the world can access U.CASH using our digital asset converter network and get quick access to both blockchain-based and traditional financial services. Services formerly only available in developed and developing countries with traditional banking and financial infrastructure can now be accessed by anyone anywhere with a computing device and internet connection.

We are enabling simple capabilities like bill payments, secure holding of digital assets, global remittances and transfers to users even in the most remote locations.  Our converters allow users to quickly load and unload money onto U.CASH in whatever local currency is required.   With these capabilities a network effect is quickly generated due to increasing demand for digital currencies. Thanks to the permissionless and distributed nature of our technology,  U.CASH is introducing a new type of unbank capability to the world, globally accessible by all, peer-to-peer, self-empowering, and revolutionary.

This paper outlines how U.CASH works, what our goals are, and how we will accomplish them.  A mission as innovative and massive in scope as U.CASH needs participation from people all over the world with varying backgrounds to realize its full potential.  As such, we are introducing a new model for incentivizing network growth - Initial Bounty Offerings (IBOs) - as we roll out our decentralized technology infrastructure. We introduce to you U.CASH, the global unbank.



ICO Details

ICO «U.CASH» ICO Start: September 8, 2017

ICO «U.CASH» ICO Finish: January 7, 2018

ICO «U.CASH» Symbol: XUC

ICO «U.CASH» Platform: Ethereum

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