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ICO TrustNFT Description:

ICO Description

TrustNFT is an AI and Big data powered platform which accurately evaluates NFT and unlocks the potential of it to be used as a loan collateral, which allows to combine DeFi with NFTs to earn yield on selected NFT collateralized loans. Our platform was designed to solve some major problems in the NFT ecosystem: low liquidity, investment risk, monetization of assets and most importantly - NFTs evaluation problem.


TrustNFT's main objective is not only to allow everyone to use NFTs as collateral and get loans which will bring many benefits to the NFT collectors and investors, by promoting instant liquidity and accurate pricing for the NFTs, portfolio variety, and a new market of possibilities with other DeFi applications. The key component is accurate pricing which will be made by our platform - NFT Evaluation Machine. Without accurate evaluation all solutions of using Nfts as collateral are pointless, this is why we focus all our resources and attention on solving this issue.

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⭐ TrustNFT ICO details:

TrustNFT ICO ICO Details

TrustNFT ICO Start: 11 29 2021

TrustNFT ICO End: 12 05 2021

TrustNFT Symbol: TNFT

TrustNFT PreICO Start: 2021-11-29

TrustNFT PreICO End: 2021-12-05

TrustNFT Private Sale Start: 2021-11-01

TrustNFT Private Sale Finish: 2021-11-29

TrustNFT Offering Type: ICO

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