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Transmutecoin ICO

ICO Transmutecoin Description:

ICO Description

Transmutecoin is introduced to find subscribers to provide their support in our aim to provide ultimate solutions in providing recycling measures recycling of tires, plastics and other harmful materials. The coin acts as a way to raise funds for the company working on transmutation process and green energy usage. The sale of the Transmute Coin helps best practices to ensure safety that meets and exceeds all applicable Federal and State standards for microwave technologies.


COLDFALL Corporation believes that companies have a responsibility to make a profit but not at the expense of its employees, families, community or to do harm to our planet. COLDFALL’s mission is to improve the lifestyles of people around the world by responsibly recycling waste while achieving substantial benefits for itself, its employees, the community, and the environment.


To achieve this, the company will utilize its pyrolytic microwave technologies, which offers substantial advancement in the recycling of tires and other carbon-based waste materials to generate valuable recycled energy.


The world energy prices continue to increase as relative supply diminishes. environmental regulations become more restrictive. The pyrolytic, non-chemical technology will most certainly become the most attractive solution for many of the world’s energy and waste disposal needs.

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⭐ Transmutecoin ICO details:

Transmutecoin ICO ICO Details

Transmutecoin ICO Start: 04 16 2020

Transmutecoin ICO End: 06 15 2020

Transmutecoin Symbol: TRNSC

Transmutecoin Platform: ETHEREUM

Transmutecoin PreICO Start: 2019-03-15

Transmutecoin PreICO End: 2020-04-15

Transmutecoin Private Sale Start: 2019-12-15

Transmutecoin Private Sale Finish: 2020-03-15

Transmutecoin Offering Type: ICO

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