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The Kudos Project ICO

ICO The Kudos Project Description:

ICO Description

The Kudos protocol and Kudos token solve this problem by giving businesses across all service-based industries the ability to incentivize optimal behavior/engagement for users and workers. The protocol will be designed for simple implementation and will layer directly on top of existing payment processing and POS systems.

Kudos will become an essential infrastructure for real businesses across all service economies today—from ridesharing to coffee shops to restaurants—and become the backbone of web 3.0 and the blockchain-based businesses of tomorrow.

On a macro level, Kudos will also power a global system of verified ratings that will replace legacy review sites that run on closed-source platforms and are often subject to manipulation. Rankings will no longer be controlled by ads, algorithms, or falsified accounts; the Kudos protocol will hash each transaction to a usergenerated rating, allowing transparency and verification to rule.

Igniting a fairer and more equitable world, the Kudos token and protocol will be the foundational currency and ecosystem of global service businesses and economies.

⭐ The Kudos Project ICO details:

The Kudos Project ICO ICO Details

The Kudos Project ICO Start: 01 16 2018

The Kudos Project ICO End: 02 16 2018

The Kudos Project Symbol: KUDOS

The Kudos Project Platform: Ethereum

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