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Terrarium ICO

ICO Description

Terrarium Network is a team of IT security experts, we have been working with major IT companies for over 10 years and support them with our security know how. Our goal is to build the most secure network in the crypto world and become the world leader in this field.


Our goal is to create a multicoin wallet that is able to exchange coins across chains using integrated bridges. This means that in the wallet itself it will be possible to exchange an ERC20 token on Ethereum-Chain into e.g. a BEP20 token on Binance-Chain.
Here we have a large partner on hand, which already has a comprehensive multicoin wallet on the market, here only the bridges must be integrated.


Wallet Security
The wallet is equipped with a paycard, which can use all coins as a payment method, in order to prevent unauthorized access here, the payment means must first be released via APP. A 2FA is necessary for this. Furthermore, the wallet is secured with encryption and an extra firewall.
The wallets can be decentralized or operated via our network insured by us. The data backup happens 4x daily, every 6h. In addition, the backups are monitored for correctness, which makes a loss of property impossible.

✅ ICO Terrarium details

ICO Details

ICO «Terrarium» ICO Start: 2022-10-29

ICO «Terrarium» ICO End: 2022-11-20

ICO «Terrarium» Symbol: TRM

ICO «Terrarium» Platform: BNB Beacon Chain

ICO «Terrarium» PreICO Start: 2022-10-29

ICO «Terrarium» PreICO End: 2022-11-20

ICO «Terrarium» Offering Type: ICO

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