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Terra Virtua ICO

ICO Terra Virtua Description:

ICO Description

Terra Virtuatm will offer a unique Netflix-style subscription service to access VR content across games, eSports, movies, live events and more. Such a model is a major differentiator from traditional games product stores such as Steam which provides outright purchase of each and every game/app.

A brand new cryptocurrency, the TERRA token coin (ticker ‘TVT’) will work as the currency within the platform allowing consumers access to the content. The coin will also facilitate VR developers access to zones within Terra Virtua to host their own content that they will in turn monetize through the consumer.

With Blockchain as the backbone of the Terra Virtua economy, all the advantages of cryptocurrency come into play. Consumer micro-transactions and platform fees will become instant and secure and there will be no Apple-like payment delays to content providers. Consumers may earn tokens in many ways including watching an eSports tournament or sharing experiences on social media.

Terra Virtuatm is transformational to VR gaming and entertainment, allowing users greater control within its economy, an important element to socially-driven gaming which has traditionally been controlled by the video game platform giants such as Sony and Microsoft.

Partnerships with Gaming Developers, eSports Platforms, Entertainment Media, Music Event Broadcasters and more are well underway. This broad spectrum of content will result in a thriving network of VR developers, licence owners and consumers all benefiting from the TERRA cryptocurrency.

As the platform evolves there will be additional opportunities such as in-game and user-generated content to buy along with premium content including live sporting events, eSports tournaments, exclusive events or concerts.

The prototype for Terra Virtua is already live with its commercial launch scheduled for Q4 2018.

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⭐ Terra Virtua ICO details:

Terra Virtua ICO ICO Details

Terra Virtua Symbol: TVT

Terra Virtua Platform: Ethereum

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