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Telomere Coin ICO

ICO Telomere Coin Description:

ICO Description

Telomere Coin for Blockchain Based Health and Longevity Solution. A medical-based blockchain that utilizes AI & telomere for age reversal. Our company's purpose is to maximize the beneficiaries and social values of the health span effect by Bill Andrews, Ph.D. telomere research results, and to maximize social contribution by maximizing its sustained growth period.

We work with various companies who want to reward you for staying young and healthy, thereby contributing to healthier human life and reduced healthcare costs, by introducing an app with scoring and point systems. This is different from coin mining as is popular with BitCoins for example. Our plan is, by earning and accumulating points, you can redeem to exchange for Telomere Coins!

-Problem -
Why do people become unhealthy?
Human Health = Telomere Length
- Solution -
Discovered by molecular biologist Dr. Bill Andrews, telomere and telomerase are the key to unlocking mankind’s dream of eternal youth and longevity.
- Future -
Comprehensive Economic System for the Cutting Edge Telomere Treatment 

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⭐ Telomere Coin ICO details:

Telomere Coin ICO ICO Details

Telomere Coin ICO Start: 05 02 2018

Telomere Coin ICO End: 07 20 2018

Telomere Coin Symbol: TXY

Telomere Coin Platform: Ethereum

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