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ICO TeleX AI Description:

ICO Description

TeleX AI is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence, designed to provide cryptocurrency-related services through an instant messaging application interface. Every cryptocurrency user and investor alike uses a wallet and exchange software to store and trade their assets; wallet and exchange services are the two primary services that TeleX AI provides. We have chosen to leverage on Telegram because of its convenient technical infrastructure and popularity in cryptocurrency communities.

TeleX AI saves cryptocurrency users time, eliminating the need to go through a lengthy registration process and get used to a new interface, which may be full of complex functionalities to learn. With TeleX AI, all one has to do is to open a chat with TeleX AI; users do not install a new application. The initial market research conducted by our team shows simplicity and convenience in user experience is what the millennial cryptocurrency users are looking for. Users of TeleX AI are able to store multiple cryptocurrencies in their Telegram account, and send coins among themselves instantly with no fee by simply messaging with TeleX AI. It is also possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly through TeleX AI. Apart from these basic wallet and exchange functionalities, we envision endless possibilities that can be accomplished with the TeleX AI infrastructure, such as providing market data, selling mining contracts, giving trading signals, etc.

The project is managed by Telex AI Company Ltd, which is incorporated in United Kingdom with the company number 11040102, whose registered office is at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9JQ London. The general managerial duties are handled by Can Soysal, Vaughn Murphy and Nathan Sharp. 1 Can Soysal is the managing director of the company and the creator of the project's concept. Being a research and teaching assistant at Middle East Technical University, his current academic studies are focused on jurisprudence and legal theory. He takes seats in several cryptocurrency startups, such as Bitkapital, CoinTurk, The Blockchain Brokerage, Payyex, and Cryptomerian. His duty in TeleX AI is to lead the overall development and execution of the project's long-term strategy while also actively managing the company's administrative and financial affairs as well as the day-to-day operations related to product development. Vaughn Murphy is the project's marketing manager. With over four years of marketing experience within the cryptocurrency space, he has helped promote various blockchain based startups from early stage concepts to cash-flow positive business ventures. His passion for the industry has allowed him to grow his various skills including design, project management, business development, advertising and communications. Having worked for one of the biggest marketing and PR firms in the cryptocurrency industry, he is confident in his ability to grow and promote TeleX AI. Nathan Sharp is one of the project's earliest investors. He has a legendary fame thanks to his success in spotting the projects/coins which would be remarkably more worthy in the future. He is responsible for reviewing the project's general plans and policies, and making sure that everything is well aligned with the interest of the shareholders and prospective investors. In addition to the management team, there is an IT team responsible for product development. Currently, the IT team has two members maintaining the minimum viable product developed by three independent developers led by Can Soysal. Chad Nelson is the lead developer, who has more than 30 years of experience in many areas of software development including secure server applications, artificial intelligence, cryptography and system architecture. His recent work includes iCrypt, an anonymous peer-to-peer messaging application. Vitaliy Ivanov is a backend developer with more than 10 years of professional experience. He is a full stack Python developer who is thoroughly knowledgeable in backend architectures and API design. Apart from two developers, there are a number of independent team members who are working on design, community management and legal aspects of the project.

⭐ TeleX AI ICO details:

TeleX AI ICO ICO Details

TeleX AI ICO Start: 11 15 2017

TeleX AI ICO End: 12 15 2017

TeleX AI Symbol: TLX

TeleX AI Platform: Ethereum

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