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Tauri Finance ICO

ICO Tauri Finance Description:

ICO Description

Tauri Finance is a protocol for tokenizing on-chain assets, including contracts that otherwise impair access to utilized capital. Tokenized ownership of on-chain assets gives liquidity providers greater flexibility and uninterrupted access to their underlying collateral while enabling leveraged staking and bespoke risk management.
Peer to peer risk exchange

Existing decentralized earning platforms expose liquidity providers to complex code driven outcomes. Network participants must evaluate an array of catastrophic scenarios where the resulting state could wipe out their holdings or lead to significant impermanent loss. It is hard to anticipate the net effect of extreme market volatility or focused economic attacks. Tauri narrows the set of possible outcomes by giving liquidity providers dynamic exposure.


Dynamic exposure

The first application of Tauri gives liquidity providers the option to select customized risk and return profiles via the use of Tauri pool tranches. Tauri separately tokenizes the future earning stream and the net present value of utilized principal in each tranche. Earnings, based on tokenized holdings, are distributed accordingly across all tranches via payback waterfalls.


⭐ Tauri Finance ICO details:

Tauri Finance ICO ICO Details

Tauri Finance ICO Start: 01 20 2021

Tauri Finance ICO End: 02 10 2021

Tauri Finance Symbol: TFI

Tauri Finance Platform: Ethereum

Tauri Finance PreICO Start: 2021-01-20

Tauri Finance PreICO End: 2021-02-10

Tauri Finance Offering Type: ICO

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