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Swaprol ICO

ICO Swaprol Description:

ICO Description

With Swaprol v1, you will enjoy profitable arbitrage by selecting the best cryptocurrency exchanges and dEXes you want, which can list on a single page. Swaprol SWPRL token will be used in all calculations between platform users. This will form a constant increase in demand for it. If 1000 new users who buy premium packages come to the platform, they will have to prepurchase SWPRL tokens on the exchange, increasing the demand for them.

30% of the profit generated by the Swaprol platform will be lost, and 20% will be sent to the reserve fund, and the remaining 50% will be put up for sale at a price higher than the price of the holders of the token, which will increase the value of the token.

The SWPRL tokens are placed in 1 stages: Pre-ICO . Their total stock is fixed. All tokens, which will not be redeemed at both stages of placement, are subject to destruction. Their additional emissions will never be conducted again.

The SWPRL is placed on the basis of the Ethereum smart contract.

The fixed number of issued SWPRL tokens guarantees their buyer an increase in value as the demand for Swaprol services increases.

We also set the price for the traded package in Bitcoin, which will allow us to adjust the rate of SWPRL relative to Bitcoin (the price in Bitcoin is constant, and the number of SWPRL tokens required for payment decreases). To get acquainted with the economic scheme of Swaprol you can see below

⭐ Swaprol ICO details:

Swaprol ICO ICO Details

Swaprol ICO Start: 01 12 2021

Swaprol ICO End: 02 13 2021

Swaprol Symbol: SWPRL

Swaprol Platform: Ethereum

Swaprol Offering Type: ICO

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