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ICO Description

Stem Cell Project is a medical project mainly focused on the following 2 points: Development and popularization of (1) a means of payment for the costs of stem cell treatment at the affiliate hospitals and (2) pathological/diagnostic imaging systems by using AI and Blockchain. Stem cell therapy helps to activate weakened cells and proliferate important cells declining in number daily.

After stem cell administration, the cells are circulating through the body. Once finding out damaged tissues, the stem cells are activated by themselves and trying to repair and regenerate the tissues. This therapy shows promise for treatment of anti-aging, diabetes mellitus, etc. However, currently, stem cell therapy can be provided only in medically advanced countries. In recent years, stem cell therapy has captured the world’s attention. So, we are expecting worldwide financial inflow to regenerative medicine by means of cryptocurrency payment.

We are developing the near-future health check system which can share automatic diagnoses with images and pathological data among clinics and hospitals in the world by using AI and Blockchain technologies. We will let the system grow to the level that can screen medical big data rapidly and accurately. We are also planning to use the provided big data for revealing relationship to cancers on the basis of the patient information such as nationality, race, gender and age.


When patients experience illness/disorders, they often have following questions, “Which hospital should I go?” and “Which department should I choose?” Also visiting hospital just for receiving medicines is wasting time and becomes burden for patients. In order to solve such problems, we develop Virtual Clinic Platform which can make patients feel a closer connection to doctors by using the network among the member hospitals/clinics of Japan Society of Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine and AIbot diagnosis, remote medical checkup system, search/reservation of hospitals/clinics. All the payments in the platform can be done in SCC.

The final goal of our Stem Cell Project is “pharmaceuticalization of stem cells.” By doing research and clinical work of therapeutic formulations with stem cells and putting them into public circulation, we will be able to achieve our aims to give more opportunities to those who need regenerative medicine and to optimize the treatment costs. Keeping development of the world’s first “Cell Bank” in mind, we also create a surrounding in which people with diseases can be treated with their own cells which took and stored beforehand at their healthy state.



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✅ ICO STEM CELL details

ICO Details

ICO «STEM CELL» ICO Start: 2018-07-16

ICO «STEM CELL» ICO End: 2018-10-30


ICO «STEM CELL» Platform: Neo Nep5

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