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Stan World  ICO

ICO Stan World Description:

ICO Description

Stan World is the next-gen social media powered by VR, Blockchain, and AI. It will be the 1st platform in the blockchain/crypto industry that will get true mass-adoption by the mainstream audience -- Gen-Z, teens & young adults born from 1992 to 2005. The way Gen-Z is consuming media and communicating online is changing, thus, we have created Stan World that will redefine friend discovery & socialization in a unique new way. By 2020, Gen-Z will account for 40% of all consumers and influence nearly $4B in discretionary spending, so the timing is perfect.


Stan World is a virtual world platform of the Stans, by the Stans, and for the Stans. We found that the strongest, and most genuine friendship bonds are formed between people who share the same interest and passion.

As Stans of multiple cultures ourselves, we understand that “Stanning” anything publicly – be it a show, movie, book, story, character, sport, band, artist, video game, brand, product, hobby, etc. – can be an act of vulnerability, especially in a world where people are under constant pressure of “being cool”, chasing vanity metrics (e.g., ‘likes’ and ‘followers’) to get accepted among “friends” and the general public.


Thus, we’ve created Stan World – an oasis of acceptance and support – where the reward of new, lasting connections is celebrated and the outside perspectives that try to delegitimize these spaces are ignored.

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⭐ Stan World ICO details:

Stan World ICO ICO Details

Stan World ICO Start: 10 24 2019

Stan World ICO End: 11 30 2019

Stan World Symbol: STAN

Stan World Platform: Ethereum

Stan World PreICO Start: 2019-09-26

Stan World PreICO End: 2019-10-10

Stan World Offering Type: ICO

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