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ICO SRMiner Description:

ICO Description

SRMINER is the Mining platform and own currency. When we talk about SRMiner, talk about a project that includes a multi-algorithm mining platform and the currency of this pool. The coin has the name SRM, it is developed to be mined and to obtain rewards through stake and thus be able to maintain our own network. On the other hand, one of the interests of the currency is to reduce the waiting time in transactions, thus verifying SRM how it completes a transaction in just 3 confirmations, which makes it a currency for fast exchanges with practically no waiting times.

SRM Coin details:
Algorithm: Scrypt Proof of Work and Proof of Stake
Coin name: SRMiner ($SRM)
Block reward: 500 SRM
Block reward (PoS): 50 SRMb
Premine: 80000000 SRM
About SRM Features
SRMiner is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Reduce waiting time between transactions, encourage mining and reduce costs for users..
Easy to mineVisit pool

If there's one thing cryptocurrency users love, it's the opportunity to mine crypto with ease.
With SRM you just have to open your wallet, wait for it to synchronize with the network and you will automatically start extracting SRM.
Earning passive incomeStake

Staking refers to holding of crypto coins for the purpose of validating the blockchain transactions and supporting a particular network. Crypto stakers are rewarded for their participation and can generate passive income.
Zero fees & Fast send'sReduce time
SRM is an experimental digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. SRMiner uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.

About SRMiner Pool

The main advantage of a mining pool is the fact of facilitating the mining work for those who participate in said pool. This allows participants to make a profit that, individually, would cost them much more time to achieve.
Another of its advantages is that the system maintains the scalability of mining. Thanks to the concentration of mining power, it is guaranteed that the network can find the necessary resolution of each block in the agreed time.
In this way, the generation of empty blocks on the blockchain is minimized. In addition, all the miners who participate in the pool receive profits according to the mining power they have. None of them is left without receiving their profit however small it may be.
The project at the moment only has one developer, myself.
Some programming tasks, configuration and various ideas take me some time to carry out, although I dedicate almost all my time to this, it is difficult for me alone. With these words I would like to announce that anyone who is interested in participating in the project would be a pleasure for me to open my arms to the small community that I am dedicating so much effort, work and time. Thank you all

⭐ SRMiner ICO details:

SRMiner ICO ICO Details

SRMiner ICO Start: 07 24 2021

SRMiner ICO End: 09 28 2021

SRMiner Symbol: SRM

SRMiner Platform: Own Blockchain

SRMiner Private Sale Start: 2021-06-24

SRMiner Private Sale Finish: 2021-07-24

SRMiner Offering Type: ICO

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