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ICO «SRG Community»

⭐ Gaming & VR

4.75 ( 1 votes )
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November 5, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

The SRG Community is the first decentralized intra-gaming platform based on the principle of a loyalty program and a referral system using the Ethereum smart contract. The project is an application that will be integrated with both PC and mobile games.

Our task is to unite a target stream of players by connecting small gaming communities. In this system, players who have become project partners (referrer) will be able to earn money on referral programs, developing their own business within the game space.

The SRG Community creates an internal ecosystem with tools for promotion and the possibility of quest training for project partners (referrer). We form a target group of users, based on the principle of viral marketing. Thus, game developers will be able to save and more eectively spend funds allocated for advertising and invest the majority of the funds in improving the game itself.

We are interested in creation a social system, where all referrals are interconnected. Thus, we will be able to build a complete motivation system and keep motivated traffic in partner gaming projects. By providing the opportunity for players to receive real rewards, we can solve the conversion issue of increasing the average check, as users will have additional money, which, in most cases, will be spent on game projects.



ICO Details

ICO «SRG Community» ICO Start: November 10, 2017

ICO «SRG Community» ICO Finish: December 10, 2017

ICO «SRG Community» Symbol: SRG

ICO «SRG Community» Platform: Blockchain

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