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Sovryn ICO

ICO Sovryn Description:

ICO Description

Sovryn is a protocol designed to grow, expand and adapt. This evolution will be directed by the process of Bitocracy - on chain governance by token holders. The Sovryn Bitocracy provides incentives to coordinate a diverse set of stakeholders. The SOV supply (100,000,000) will be fully unlocked over a 5 year period. However, it is anticipated that much of this supply will subsequently be locked in the Bitcoracy staking system.


By the time of the token generation event (anticipated by February 2021), there should be 5,600,000 SOV unlocked. Then, on an ongoing basis, tokens will be emitted at the rate of between .5%-1.5% of the supply per month until month 6, when the team tokens will unlock after their vesting cliff. From here on, SOV will be unlocked (with the majority relocked to staking) at the rate of about 3% monthly for the next 18 months.

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⭐ Sovryn ICO details:

Sovryn ICO ICO Details

Sovryn ICO Start: 01 21 2021

Sovryn ICO End: 02 01 2021

Sovryn Symbol: SOV

Sovryn Platform: RSK

Sovryn Offering Type: ICO

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