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Socotra Swap ICO

ICO Socotra Swap Description:

ICO Description

Socotra Swap will set up a bonus pool among various boards for community reward, currency holding reward and liquidity mining reward. For example, the guessing game section uses 4% of each guessing for currency holding reward, 3% is used for liquidity mining reward, and 1% is used for community referral reward. The auction fee of the future NFT plate will also be used for reward in a certain proportion, forming a complete chain ecology.


Every member of the Socotra Swap team from its inception to the present must be a firm believer in blockchain technology. Every product, every community, every idea, every code we design must conform to the characteristics of blockchain decentralization, immutability, traceability, collective maintenance, openness, and transparency.


We firmly believe that blockchain technology is an effective means to change the principle of human generation and distribution, we also believe that blockchain technology is an effective booster to influence and even change the human social system, we also believe that the human society in the future will be a decentralized, efficient, and equal society based on the technology of the blockchain, where all things are connected, all things are equal and all things are co-linked.


Cooperate with possible future auxiliary technologies such as artificial intelligence, nano-chips, quantum computing and brain-computer interfaces, we can achieve efficient and accurate block computing, and achieve quantitative block computing, custom block computing, composite block computing, large block, and whole area block computing. The result of the community's computation will be a reasonable and ideal consensus of human society, decentralized, immutable, traceable, collectively maintained and openly transparent. This is also the consensus of every Socotra Swap team member, the community consensus to be reached, the starting point and consensus of each project.


It is easy to realize the cognition of technology and the promotion of application, but the fundamental cognition of blockchain is that everyone who has a correct cognition of blockchain technology must abide by and deliver.


Socotra Swap was founded based on this vision and takes a reward approach, which is to multiply, absorb or create various interesting projects, activities, and reward mechanisms within the scope of current ideas, innovations, and derivatives of blockchain technology, which are suitable for the public, easy to promote and can form an effective community. And build a truly decentralized community with decentralized projects, sections, and activities.

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⭐ Socotra Swap ICO details:

Socotra Swap ICO ICO Details

Socotra Swap ICO Start: 09 09 2021

Socotra Swap ICO End: 01 09 2022

Socotra Swap Symbol: SCR

Socotra Swap Platform: BEP20

Socotra Swap PreICO Start: 2021-09-09

Socotra Swap PreICO End: 2022-01-09

Socotra Swap Private Sale Start: 2021-09-09

Socotra Swap Private Sale Finish: 2022-01-09

Socotra Swap Offering Type: ICO

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