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Social Musify ICO

ICO Description

A social Media a place where everyone can free share their media, their NFT and their lifestyle. Our goal is to focus on the quality of the application we are making with special features, and sharing all earnings with our users, what is a better way than using blockchain technology? blockchain technology allows us to build a perfect ecosystem combining web2 and web3 with dApp.


The next generation social media, based on NFT GameFi,using blockchain technology with combining web2 and web3 using decentralized application.


Social Musify Token "SM": SM is our governance token , these tokens will be rewarded to all users based on their shared information and their view , our advertising system allows us to buy back these tokens from the market and this will make the most important part of our token ecosystem.


NFT: introducing Social Musify limited NFT, a non-fungible tokens, we call them pieces of the modern art stored in blockchain as a Tokens, wallets holding SM tokens are whitelisted and allowed to purchase mystery boxes, these mystery boxes contain different kind of NFT with different kind of game play.


NFT benefit: owning NFT is symbol of early investing in Social Musify and as a reward we are offering some amount of our token "SM" to those who trusted in us in our early stage, users will be rewarded not by stacking or any other similar rewarding system, but something far more interesting like Sing to earn and Dance to Earn.


Social Musify Marketplace: investing in NFT became more popular these days, we are building a marketplace where everyone can freely trade their Art through different blockchains with small amount of fee that will benefit our SM tokens.

✅ ICO Social Musify details

ICO Details

ICO «Social Musify» ICO Start: 2022-10-15

ICO «Social Musify» ICO End: 2023-04-15

ICO «Social Musify» Symbol: SM

ICO «Social Musify» Platform: BSC

ICO «Social Musify» PreICO Start: 2022-08-01

ICO «Social Musify» PreICO End: 2022-10-15

ICO «Social Musify» Offering Type: ICO

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