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Snovio ICO

ICO Snovio Description:

ICO Description

Snovio is the world’s first decentralized sourcing and lead generation service, providing high-quality leads thanks to the use of blockchain technology and crowdsourcing data collection methods.

The idea of Snovio was born after using typical lead generation services. It’s unclear when, from where, or how these services collect potential clients’ data, which they in turn sell to their customers. The result? A huge bounce rate (often up to 30%), a large percentage of non-existent telephone numbers, and critically outdated information.

The idea of decentralization, which lies at the heart of Snovio, solves problems faced by traditional lead generation methods by attracting tens of thousands of people from around the world to collect and update the system’s data.

These technologies and methods make Snovio an irreplaceable tool for lead generation with the most accurate data for any type of business. Data contributors are provided with a unique model for fair revenue distribution from selling data with a transparent and audited economy.

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⭐ Snovio ICO details:

Snovio ICO ICO Details

Snovio ICO Start: 10 31 2017

Snovio ICO End: 11 30 2017

Snovio Symbol: SNOV

Snovio Platform: Blockchain

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