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ICO Description

Smarthereum is the best solution to the problems of transaction speed and scaling faced by major cryptocurrency networks and other decentralized applications. The Smarthereum protocol improves Ethereum throughput by ensuring that the maximum possible off-network operation is performed safely, and verification is reserved as intracranial activity. Best high-speed and scalable decentralized platform based on Ethereum 2.0.


Our Main Features: 

  • The advantages of scaling and the high professionalism of developers, their research and testing, as well as the complete compatibility of the solution
  • The Smarthereum team is developing a Rollups-based solution. This technology will retain the advantage of Ethereum in the transition to ETH2, despite the emergence of new promising alternatives
  • The Smarthereum protocol improves Ethereum throughput by ensuring that the maximum possible out-of-network operation is performed safely, and verification is reserved as intracranial activity
  • Smart contracts can be executed and installed as often as the user wishes, which will increase the market efficiency of DeFi platforms. Security is guaranteed when using smart contracts, of course, if the contract itself is written correctly
  • You pay only for the deposit and withdrawal, and Smarthereum with the upcoming application SmarX increases the ability to mass use of tier 2 solutions. Off-grid balances are stored in Merkle trees, eliminating the need for expensive token transfers along the chain
  • The Smarthereum infrastructure uses all the positive aspects of blockchains and upgrades them, providing high throughput, low latency, unlimited scalability, detailed security and an excellent smart contract engine


ICO hard cap 60000000 STH Min/max personal $100-$1000 07-06-2021 Pre-sale 1 price $0.23 Raised 10000000 Lock-up Tokens unlock ower 18 months 09-06-2021 Pre-sale 2 price $0.33 Raised 20000000 Lock-up Tokens unlock ower 12 months 11-06-2021 Tokens for sale seed price $0.43 Raised 30000000 Lock-up Tokens unlock ower 6 months

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ICO Details

ICO «Smarthereum» ICO Start: 2021-05-15

ICO «Smarthereum» ICO End: 2021-06-11

ICO «Smarthereum» Symbol: STH

ICO «Smarthereum» Platform: Erc-20

ICO «Smarthereum» Private Sale Start: 2021-04-15

ICO «Smarthereum» Private Sale Finish: 2021-05-15

ICO «Smarthereum» Offering Type: ICO

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