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Skillonomy ICO

ICO Skillonomy Description:

ICO Description

Skillonomy is a blockchain-based peer to peer online educational platform with a success-fee business model. The global vision of our product is to eliminate the monopoly of unproductive mediators in academic and economic spheres such as traditional universities and corporations that dominate over the studying and skill applying processes in our lives - and give people opportunity to gain control over their lives in one place.

Our platform offers coaches and students opportunity to transfer and monetize their skills via: tokenization of educational process, coaching business creation and promotion as well as freelance-market income generation - all in one ecosystem.

We've invented Skillonomy as a solution to a wide range of problems humanity faces today within education and employment. The major problem is a huge time gap between the beginning of study process and the moment student starts to earn skill-based income, as well as a long road to an enough-to-make-a-good-living salary in a corporate sector.

In some cases, especially in our ever-changing world, the skills acquired during a long period of time can turn into inapplicable and unuseful by the moment the student finishes university.

The other majority of problems with education today that we solve are:

Students lack motivation due to a time lag from months to years before they start monetizing new skills.
Teachers have no direct interest in students success as long as they don’t get any success fee in case student starts real skill monetization.

Students pay for education, but have no any guarantee they will ever start monetizing their new skills. There is no mechanism in general in educational system as a whole that would guarantee a WIN-WIN situation for all engaged parties.

Today you can become a professional in a year in certain spheres, but classic educational model requires YEARs to reach the goal. This is a result of conservatism, inefficient org-structure, slow reaction and adaptation to new technologies and market demands.

Skillonomy has a unique study-process and business models that solve the problems listed above. Skillonomy infrastructure will eliminate unproductive mediators such as universities and firms, as well as “money” in general by incorporating their functionality within our ecosystem.

Our unique features are:
⦁ NO prepayment for students. Only result-oriented success fee payments.
⦁ Peer-2-Peer personalized educational process.
⦁ Productive actions tokenization: Studying process monetization (tokenization) to incentivize both coaching and students engagement.
⦁ Coaching business creation and development tools for coaches and investors (DAO-organizations).
⦁ Integrated freelance-markets for direct skill monetization.

Skillonomy incorporates several roles of system users, such as Student, Coach, Manager and Investor - that can be combined by a one or more users. Each of this roles is granted with a wide range of options and opportunities.



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⭐ Skillonomy ICO details:

Skillonomy ICO ICO Details

Skillonomy ICO Start: 06 01 2018

Skillonomy ICO End: 04 20 2019

Skillonomy Symbol: St

Skillonomy Platform: NEM

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