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SkeinCurrency ICO

ICO Description

SkeinCurrency cryptocurrency built by industry pioneers, led by the people. 
Skeincoin was developed at the end of 2013, so it is a working network with an experienced team. The Skeincoin team has overcome many challenges and challenges during the development of Skeincoin. The network turned out to be stable, but despite this, development was suspended after the Mt.Gox19 crisis, as two exchanges trading Skeincoin were hacked (openex20/atomictrade), and the entire cryptomarket faced a steady decline. After many years of inactivity, the original source code was taken as a basis and our developers resumed work on the Skeincoin blockchain. This activity, along with renewed interest in the coin, attracted new team members who brought both new technical and business skills. By joining forces, the two groups began to promote the core with new Bitcoin features and use the potential to the fullest. At the same time, rebranding began, new concepts appeared. This reboot began in November 2020. SkeinCurrency/2022.
Forked from Bitcoin, SkeinCurrency can adapt all of Bitcoin's features. One of the world fastest progressing open source projects is our development kit. Activation of softforks is easy, as the community is available and strung together. The result is fast progress and the possibility of integrating and adapting concepts, that are developed for Bitcoin but can't be activated on the Bitcoin-Blockchain simple because miners aren't agreeing on the path Bitcoin has to take and on steps that are necessary. Concentrating on the concepts which are important for micro-payments and usability the development will ensure that end-users and companies alike can safely and easily use SkeinCurrency for their specific needs.
While Bitcoin maintains a 10 minute block target (Proof of Work target spacing), SkeinCurrency maintains a lower target of 120 seconds. This provides a much higher throughput, while keeping the block size equal to Bitcoins. By maintaining only relatively specific codechanges compared to the Bitcoin Core software we were able to take advantage of current Bitcoin developments, such as Lightning or Bulletproofs, creating a solid baselayer for micropayment-integrations both in- and outside the industry.
Welcome to the Fastest Coin in the world. SkeinCurrency is a community project, completely open source, with no central governance. Think Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Grin, SkeinCurrency. The coin was fair-launched without pre-mining or any other pre-allocation of coins. 

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ICO Details

ICO «SkeinCurrency» ICO Start: 2021-12-13

ICO «SkeinCurrency» ICO End: 2050-01-01

ICO «SkeinCurrency» Symbol: SKC

ICO «SkeinCurrency» Platform: X11

ICO «SkeinCurrency» PreICO Start: 2021-12-13

ICO «SkeinCurrency» PreICO End: 2021-12-13

ICO «SkeinCurrency» Private Sale Start: 2021-05-02

ICO «SkeinCurrency» Private Sale Finish: 2022-05-02

ICO «SkeinCurrency» Offering Type: IEO

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