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November 7, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

Strategic Investments in Significant Areas (SISA) is a platform built on a unique business model, which enables individual investors to participate in a pooled fund to make strategic investments in interesting new projects in diversified fields.

The primary objective of every investor is profit making, yet individually they all have certain limitations in terms of fund arrangements, identifying a potential project so on and so forth. However, choosing a pooled fund provides many benefits, specifically, pooled funds enable investors to invest in stocks and projects they normally may not have access to due to capital requirements while also maintaining liquidity and diversity. Furthermore, investing in block chain related projects is even more challenging due to the present risk of frauds and hacks as well as a steep technical barrier to entry.

At SISA, our mission is to offer a distributed pooled investment vehicle with a low barrier to entry and a decentralized, democratic management mechanism. By utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, we will issue ERC20 compliant tokens to every investor in order to guarantee safe payout and distribution of the fund’s profits. SISA is not only a platform for raising funds for a pooled investment, but also a pla9orm for pitching, vetting, and selecting new, innovative ideas. In this way, we can bring investors and investment seekers to collaborate via a common pla9orm. The SISA pla9orm includes a voting system available to all token owners who will have voting rights equal to their ownership stake. Each new project will be proposed to the token holders. Whether the fund invests in the project is entirely determined by the voting of the SISA holders. This system sets the bar for crypto-fund transparency policies and allows SISA token holders to exercise their authority in selecting which projects will receive investment. SISA also will provide research and analysis services to its token holders, employing top experts in any given field to review the prospects of each proposal. This analysis will be made available to the token holders as they make their decision. We aim to create a robust debate and information-based decision-making mechanisms while keeping the decentralized nature of the project intact. SISA will invest in blockchain related projects as well as making strategic investments in traditional businesses around the world. The SISA team recognizes major funding gaps for infrastructure projects in emerging economies such as India and China. Both are currently planning major infrastructure projects in need of short-, medium- and long-term investments. For example, China is rebuilding the silk route, which itself is a multibillion-dollar project. India is building smart cities, huge hydropower projects, solar power plants, and much more in the near future.



ICO Details

ICO «SISA» ICO Start: November 20, 2017

ICO «SISA» ICO Finish: December 20, 2017


ICO «SISA» Platform: Ethereum

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