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ICO «SimplyVital Health»

⭐ Healthcare

4.89 ( 1 votes )
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November 2, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

SimplyVital Health's vision was always to boldly evolve value based care. The healthcare community told us that this could only be achieved if there was a safely adoptable blockchain protocol, so we’re building it. With Health Nexus, health care providers no longer need to choose between care and business success. The Health Nexus protocol provides them with the ability to deliver better patient outcomes, ensure greater compliance, and create business efficiency.

Health Nexus is a safely adoptable, healthcare-grade blockchain protocol

Health Nexus will propel healthcare forward. It balances the freedom of open source technology innovation with the requirement for healthcare-grade security and compliance. With its transparent and immutable records ledger provided through blockchain and it's silo shattering compatibility, it will promote the transition to value based care, regardless of clinical affiliation. Health Nexus is the first protocol of it's type to be permissioned with HIPAA compliant validators and be self sustained using a transactional cryptocurrency. We are excited about what the technology community will bring to Health Nexus in future.

Like ether is the primary currency of Ethereum, health cash is the primary currency of Health Nexus. Every transaction on Health Nexus will be denominated in health cash, so all decentralized service providers, healthcare providers, insurers, and every other organization looking to access the data or smart-contracts on Health Nexus will need health cash.

Our Ethereum token (HLTH) provides early access to health cash. It's a voluntarily transmutable token that can be exchanged 1-to-1 for health cash when Health Nexus is released publicly.

In the near-term we expect the demand for health cash to be driven by early adopters looking to build decentralized services on Health Nexus or those interested in advancing healthcare technology. Long term the demand for health cash will grow relative to adoption of the Health Nexus blockchain by the healthcare industry.



ICO Details

ICO «SimplyVital Health» ICO Start: February 22, 2018

ICO «SimplyVital Health» ICO Finish: March 22, 2018

ICO «SimplyVital Health» Symbol: HLTH

ICO «SimplyVital Health» Platform: Ethereum

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