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ICO «Simple Token»

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November 5, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

Simple Token enables any business to launch a branded cryptocurrency on open Ethereum sidechains. We're building a network and ecosystem for consumer app tokenization. Join in and get all the benefits of blockchain tokens without the high costs and risks of building everything yourself from scratch.

Register today for the Early Access whitelist. Only people on the Early Access whitelist can purchase on November 14th. The general public must wait until the November 15th to purchase, if token supplies last.

What. Technologies that companies can use to design, launch, and manage their own branded tokens powered by Simple Token, a protocol and an ERC-20 utility token.

• Why. Blockchain technologies hold tremendous promise for a new generation of consumer Internet services, but blockchain is currently too complex for most consumer apps, too daunting for consumer-facing developers, and not currently scalable to millions of end-user micro-transactions without public-private chain innovations.

• How. The OpenST protocol, available today, enables companies to stake Simple Tokens against their own Branded Tokens, minted on open scaleable side blockchains, in a cryptographically auditable manner. Developers are building applications on top of OpenST. The Simple Token SaaS platform, under development, gives companies the tools to manage, customize, monitor, and analyze their ST-powered token economy.

• Developers. We aim to foster an ecosystem that will take the lead and develop Simple Token protocols on behalf of the community. Developers will be encouraged to contribute to the Simple Token project and can earn Simple Tokens for their contributions.

• Team. From the consumer-Internet technology team behind Pepo, Hem, Fab, and Social Median; the lead developer of Hyperledger Burrow (Monax); and the Blockchain technology team Enuma (prior work on EOS & OpenANX).

• Token Sale #1: Public sale on 14, November 2017. Total token supply: 800,000,000. 30% of token supply will be offered for$20M (hard cap). 27.2% of tokens reserved for a Network Accelerator Program to seed promising projects built on Simple Token. 10% advisors, 10% founders, 5.6% early backers (all on longterm vesting schedules). 12.6% reserved for future token sales. Pre-sale underway as of 5 September, 2017, $200K minimum for pre-sale.



ICO Details

ICO «Simple Token» ICO Start: November 14, 2017

ICO «Simple Token» ICO Finish: November 21, 2017

ICO «Simple Token» Symbol: ST

ICO «Simple Token» Platform: Ethereum

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