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ICO «SHOP Protocol»

⭐ Commerce & Advertising

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ICO «SHOP Protocol» Listed:

March 13, 2018 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

We’re deploying a cryptographically secure SHOP Protocol with value transfers recorded on EVM (Ethereum-Virtual-Machine) for Retail, Grocery, and Everyday B2C Commerce. Architected with scale nodes to support global data performance and smart contract execution, the Protocol is an open-sourced digital commerce data exchange that promotes the defense of Shopper data privacy in the global landscape.

The SHOP Protocol works to share data in the retail supply chain to allow everyone to have the unique opportunity to organize, analyze, and act on the wealth of information available.

To remedy the lack of shared data, we will decentralize and reorganize the retail supply chain with a collaborative and democratic blockchain protocol. This decentralized retail experience affords a unique opportunity to organize the volume of insights, analysis, capital, and human resources the participating brands possess.

An easy way to think about the Protocol is as a decentralized version of a standard eCommerce protocol, providing the ability to create products and control how they are merchandised, manage inventory and warehousing, and provide an interface for carts, orders, and returns. All the while, analytics about the whole process, including interactions with shoppers are being recorded and analyzed.

It is worth noting that the commerce supply chain and manufacturing lifecycles go much deeper than what is described in the SHOP Protocol. This is intentional; we are focusing on the relationships between brands, sellers, and shoppers.



ICO Details

ICO «SHOP Protocol» ICO Start: May 14, 2018

ICO «SHOP Protocol» ICO Finish: June 13, 2018

ICO «SHOP Protocol» Symbol: SHOP

ICO «SHOP Protocol» Platform: Ethereum

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