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Shaktiio ICO

ICO Shaktiio Description:

ICO Description

Shaktiio offers an anti-liquidation Protocol that will help borrowers to keep their collateral in the event of a sharp drop in the cryptocurrency market and a decrease in the amount of collateral below the level set by the lending platform or below the amount of loan.


In most cases, after a sharp drop in the market, there is a correction and subsequent recovery of the market. However, during sharp falls, the amounts of collateral secured by loans are liquidated, which further provokes the market. The use of the Anti-liquidation protocol will prevent such significant market falls, since the amount of collateral will not be liquidated, and therefore mass sales of cryptocurrencies and the creation of panic moods in the market will not be allowed.


Anti-liquidation protocol contributes to the stabilization of the cryptocurrency market. The development of the lending market, as well as the widespread application of trading products with the use of leverage, leads to the blocking of huge amounts of collateral. In the case of a sharp market fall, mass liquidations will increase and further affect the market unless a mechanism is created and introduced to prevent mass liquidations in cases of speculative actions, mass sales, and market panic.


The anti-liquidation protocol makes the market stable, and therefore more predictable and not subject to market machinations, manipulations, and speculations of whales.

⭐ Shaktiio ICO details:

Shaktiio ICO ICO Details

Shaktiio ICO Start: 03 01 2022

Shaktiio ICO End: 04 30 2022

Shaktiio Symbol: SKTO

Shaktiio Platform: Ethereum - ERC20

Shaktiio Offering Type: ICO

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