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November 7, 2017
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ICO Description

SERENITY FINANCIAL is a system for control of, and storage of data on, trading and nontrading transactions between brokers and traders and also an independent depository with a system of segregated accounts. All statements are recorded in blockchain and are stored for the required amount of time.

A cryptographic signature was created in the blockchain which ensures that it is impossible to change them retroactively. Statements can be stored simultaneously with a broker, in the depositary of SERENITY FINANCIAL and with a trader.

As there will be a signature of these data in the blockchain, any of the three can always prove that their copy is real and not fake. Additional protection for customers will be implemented through the creation of a digital signature, by means of which the customers will connect to their trading accounts and which will be added to each of their transactions which they make independently from their terminal. To make settlements between the trader and the broker, internal tokens denominated in any currency will be used.

Operating arrangements of SERENITY FINANCIAL (broker and trader interaction arrangements using the platform)

A customer buys from SERENITY FINANCIAL tokens denominated in one of the currencies represented in the platform.

With tokens, the customer can then open a trading account with any broker that is connected to the platform.

Using a smart contract, tokens are reserved on a special escrow account in SERENITY FINANCIAL in such a way that the payment of such tokens to the broker or the customer is possible only with the consent of at least two of the three parties (customer, broker and independent arbitrator - SERENITY FINANCIAL) o As a result, on the one hand, the broker sees that the customer's tokens are reserved for him, on the other hand, he does not have direct access to them. The broker provides the customer with a deposit equivalent to the amount of tokens on the trading account.

The system accesses data from MT4, MT5 or another brokerage-trading platform about the customer's trading results. And in so doing the customer will be protected with an additional digital signature system that will allow to identify the actions of the trader himself at his trading terminal and to exclude any unfair actions by the broker on the accounts of customers.

If both the customer and the broker have no objections, within 24 hours after closing a transaction, the transaction is considered final and cannot be appealed.

If there are objections, the broker or the customer may file a complaint with SERENITY FINANCIAL. The complainant makes a public application. A decision on the application will be published within 24 hours. For the initial examination of applications, an automatic transaction monitoring system will be used. Within 24 hours after a decision is made by the automatic system, the decision can be appealed by one of the parties. In this case, the application is submitted for a manual review by an independent arbitration commission (the pool of independent arbiters already exists - the International Finance Commission); if necessary, additional documents will be requested from the broker and / or the customer. Any decision of the arbitration commission is not subject to appeal. To pay for the services of the arbitrators and to prevent abuse of the services of the arbitration commission, a fee is charged for the submission of an application to the arbitration commission.

If the customer loses money because of a transaction, after 48 hours the tokens become fully owned by the broker.

If the customer makes money, the broker is obliged within 24 hours to transfer the tokens to the customer.

Tokens that are not in reserve for current trading with a broker can be sent at any time for trading to another broker, can be sold back to us and can likewise be withdrawn from the system to deposit in own personal wallets.




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ICO «SERENITY FINANCIAL» ICO Start: November 15, 2017

ICO «SERENITY FINANCIAL» ICO Finish: November 30, 2017



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