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ICO Seed of World

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ICO Description

Seed of World has the mission of creating an Ecosystem of pioneer people in an emerging market, sharing ideas and efforts to face the challenge of making SOWtoken® the future investment weapon for freedom, personal and business financial transparency. Our coin is a new digital crypto currency, with some interesting features, since in addition to facilitating instant sending and receiving money anywhere in the world, completely free of charge and at a low cost.


It implements the freezing of the 31,750,000 million SOWtoken® remaining after its initial pre-sale and subsequent exit to the markets. 


Our concept is to limit and make SOWtoken® an exclusive crypto currency for our Investors and Holders to create a continuous and verified value reaction, consolidating our blockchain through updated and informed procedures in ERC20 (simultaneous enumeration and coding of our tasks).


Our philosophy of operations is to promote Teamwork and Personal Development by offering in an easy way, intuitively and 100% online, access to a world previously reserved for a few, with investment options that vary in the participation of real estate businesses, tall vineyards, marketing of special products, and even the exchange and transaction of other crypto currencies and much more!

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ICO Details

ICO «Seed of World» ICO Start: 2019-09-30

ICO «Seed of World» ICO End: 2019-12-15

ICO «Seed of World» Symbol: SOW

ICO «Seed of World» Platform: ETHEREUM

ICO «Seed of World» Offering Type: ICO

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