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SafeAtom Protocol ICO

ICO SafeAtom Protocol Description:

ICO Description

The SafeAtom Protocol is a unique & first BEP-20 cryptocurrency on Binance Smart Chain with Community Driven Static Rewards (CDSR), Community Driven Automated LP (CDALP) generation (don't mix up with Automatic LP), Burn & full Governance. Initial transaction fee - 14%, of which Community Driven Static Rewards - 7% Automatic LP Generation - 7%.


The main SAFEATOM idea - creating of a completely decentralized platform at the Binance Smart Chain with its own Decentralized Exchange and Launch App for new crypto assets. Our platform will let You fully trade, stake and farm crypto assets, conduct Initial Future Offerings (IFO) & Initial Token Sales, create and lock tokens. We're going to implement all of these by the end of 2021.


Each SAFEATOM holder have the opportunity to take part directly in the development of the project, make decisions about the size of commissions for each operation, burning tokens, submitting applications for listing on another exchanges & distributing funds for SafeAtom Protocol marketing. Making decisions by voting will be available to all SAFEATOM holders. The number of available votes for participant is equal to the number of SAFEATOM tokens and liquidity tokens, according to the percentage of the total token's number in circulation.



⭐ SafeAtom Protocol ICO details:

SafeAtom Protocol ICO ICO Details

SafeAtom Protocol ICO Start: 06 26 2021

SafeAtom Protocol ICO End: 06 30 2021

SafeAtom Protocol Symbol: SAFEATOM

SafeAtom Protocol Platform: Binance Smart Chain

SafeAtom Protocol Offering Type: IEO

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