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ICO «Rockchain»

⭐ Data Storage

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November 16, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

Rockchain is a distributed data intelligence platform connecting to local data stores and performing map reduce operations on structured data.

It provides secured and auditable computation resources on a totally distributed network, without any central ownership of computation nodes.

Rockchain connects to what we call "dAppBox (FactMapNode)", which are computers inside corporate networks, to perform any data aggregation or computation logic. Rockchain can preserve data privacy if required by the dAppBox owner, and in that case the data will never leave the node. The Rockchain distributed engine is a stratified set of computation components defined in cryptographically proven layers, such as in the Docker 1.10 Union File System.

The Rockchain script engine is a distributed javascript engine. We believe in a future where cloud networks have both trusted components and untrusted components working together. Rockchain enables such a setting, where trusted components are dAppBox (FactMapNode) in the distributed network, and where the computations is performed in the distributed "untrusted" network with provable, auditable computation. This global computation network creates an intertwined logical rule network, each part being addressable through a unique identifier such as in the internet name service.

Trusted and provable code execution on local data stores can provide a framework for service providers to collaborate economically in an efficient way.

We believe data privacy protection is not an option and should be rooted in the original architectural design of the infrastructure, and that’s what Rockchain did. Rockchain addresses massive scale business opportunities that will occur when IT silos will blur towards a global coopetition engine. Ethereum is currently the best framework positioned to provide a transactional engine between distinct economical actors. Rockchain is positioned to provide a distributed data intelligence tool.

Rockchain is designed to enable a full compatibility and integration between Ethereum smart contracts and Rockchain data intelligence modules. A global data intelligence platform could allow a real time medical distributed research platform, an economical hub for micro-services collaboration, cryptographically proven real time regulatory reports, global distributed IOT networks supervision platforms, and much more. Rockchain is opened to new application developers that could base their innovation on both the Ethereum engine and the Rockchain data intelligence platform.



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ICO Details

ICO «Rockchain» ICO Start: November 1, 2017

ICO «Rockchain» ICO Finish: December 1, 2017

ICO «Rockchain» Symbol: ROK

ICO «Rockchain» Platform: Ethereum

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