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ICO RiverMount

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ICO Description

The RiverMount Project is a project created for the decentralization of the modern global financial and investment market. Currently, our goal is to implement a platform to overcome the problems of the centralized financial investment industry and to freely make sustainable financial investments anywhere in the world. The RiverMount team sets transparent and feasible goals to realize future-oriented values.


"Transparent, borderless, and decentralized financial infra project”


The RiverMount project takes off for the decentralization of the global financial market. Finance is itself a network. An international financial network is formed by expanding a network of individuals, financial institutions, and central banks within a country into a network of financial institutions located in different countries. The international financial network has attracted attention because the financial crisis (Lehman shock), which began in 2007 in the United States due to subprime mortgage, has spread to other countries and played an important channel in the financial crisis.


As the Internet became more common, the barriers to information disappeared, but there are still high barriers in the financial sector. In particular, online portal sites such as Google shows attractiveness to any investment product in any country, but the route for the general public to participate in the investment is quite limited. Finance that relies on a central system is also exposed to high fees and risks from hacking due to differences in national monetary policy.


RiverMount is a transparent project for investment without borders as it introduces a blockchain network, a decentralized technology, to finance. In any country, it is possible to lower the investment boundaries using stable cryptocurrency and utility cryptocurrency within a unified platform and to lower barriers to enter the previously unreachable global investment market for individuals. In addition, financial contracts can be entered into without intermediaries using Smart Contract technology, which can dramatically reduce the cost of maintaining operations.




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✅ ICO RiverMount details

ICO Details

ICO «RiverMount» ICO Start: 2020-02-03

ICO «RiverMount» ICO End: 2020-05-01

ICO «RiverMount» Symbol: RM

ICO «RiverMount» Platform: ERC20

ICO «RiverMount» Offering Type: ICO

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