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ICO Description

The Global eCommerce Market Right From Your Mobile Phone. Requitix delivers a superior value proposition to any merchant in the ecommerce space and gives back to them what the traditional banking environment has been skimming for decades.

A revenue stream that legitimately belongs to business owners as part of their complete customer relationship along with trusted reviews, scammer/spammer protection and zero chargebacks, all through smart contacts via the Ethereum blockchain with Requitix.

The modern merchant needs a favorable payment solution that rewards their efforts in completing a transaction with their customers, not a system that cuts unnecessarily into their profits. A system with nearly instant settlement times, one that expands their reach into a rapidly emerging new customer base and a system that rewards them for accepting the digital currencies that many forward-thinking modern consumers demand – All at a much lower cost.

To demonstrate this improved Token and payment model, we have established the Requitix Token (RQX) combined with a trust assurance model (the Requitix Confidence System) used for daily transactions on existing, proven and profitable businesses, as our proof-of-concept.

Since 2002, the Requitix team and its Advisors have built and run hundreds of successful, active dating websites. This $4-billion dollar a year industry segment is a worldwide phenomenon that regularly taps tens of millions of consumers a day. These consumers actively subscribe and pay for monthly memberships to dating sites with traditional payment methods – And that is why we chose this vertical as the perfect proof-of-concept platform to demonstrate Requitix.

The global ecommerce marketplace matured past the $1.9-trillion in 2016 and is projected to increase to over $4-trillion by 2020. With 1.5-billion consumers using ecommerce and expected to rise above 2 billion in 2020 – The need for a proven and better merchant solution is obvious.

Here’s how: The proof-of-concept is an actual working and profitable settlement engine. The Requitix Crowdsale will support the rapid deployment into the broader ecommerce marketplace. Motivation for merchants to use Requitix goes far beyond the processing benefits. Features like improved customer profile analytics, scammer/spammer protections, and a review module for both the customer and the merchant, are key elements of the RQX Confidence System. And with an easy to deploy plug-in, combined with superior settlement and merchant fraud protections, Requitix becomes the preferred payment gateway solution.



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ICO «Requitix» ICO Start: 2017-10-16

ICO «Requitix» ICO End: 2017-11-30

ICO «Requitix» Symbol: RQX

ICO «Requitix» Platform: Blockchain

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