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ICO REME-Coin Description:

ICO Description

REME-Coins give access to the billions big companies make by selling collected user data

REME-Coins give access to the billions big companies make by selling collected user data: E-commerce combined with cashback systems is one of the most dynamic growth segments in the digital market. The bonus models are not only a proven instrument for customer loyalty, but also generate comprehensive and high-quality consumer data. In the information age, data is the "gold of the 21st century." Therefore, e-commerce platforms and cashback companies tend to look at the obtained consumers’ insights as their property and use them primarily for their own marketing benefit, without consumers (as the data producers) taking part in the marketing revenues. repay.me is determined to change that by redistributing daily 80 percent of its advertising revenues to its users as cashback.
These daily cashback payments continue until up to 100 percent of your online and offline purchases are fully paid back.
With REME-Coins you profit from all of these advantages – simply by paying with it.

The REME-Coin offers customers, sellers and advertisers advantages and exclusive application possibilities. By paying with the REME-Coin, all cashback payments are made in real time to all parties involved, without any additional steps being taken. Innovative advertising opportunities with which you can directly reach finely segmented target groups will be available exclusively with REME-Coins.

For example, each REME-Coin guarantees a fixed number of advertisements on repay.me, which have a particular value (CpI or Cost per Impression). Hence, the REME-Coin has a fixed inner value right from the beginning. With the increasing amount of data, advertising can be targeted more precisely and thus be more effective and efficient. This leads to an increase in the value of the REME-Coin, which in turn serves repay.me users in the form of higher cashback.

REME-Coins—in the form of a utility token—will be available exclusively through a pre-sale at a price below the market value of the advertisements behind it. With additional application and advertising possibilities on repay. me, further potentials for value maintenance and value enhancement of the REME-Coin are given.

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⭐ REME-Coin ICO details:

REME-Coin ICO ICO Details

REME-Coin ICO Start: 05 02 2018

REME-Coin ICO End: 12 31 2019

REME-Coin Symbol: REME

REME-Coin Platform: Ethereum

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