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Reftoken ICO

ICO Reftoken Description:

ICO Description

Trustless performance marketing platform to bring distributed apps to the mainstream. RefToken will be a disruptive force in the affiliate marketing space, as it will eliminate the above issues by leveraging the following benefits of the Ethereum blockchain:

  • Smart contracts will govern the satisfaction of conversion events eliminating disputes on conversion triggers
  • All revenue & conversion data will be added to the blockchain, creating an immutable audit trail that allows brands to audit and hold affiliates accountable for fraudulent behaviour
  • Commission payments will be issued automatically & instantly eliminating payment defaults and cash flow issues RefToken

RefToken is well positioned to become the driving force in bringing DAP and blockchain based products to the mainstream. We believe that we are on the cusp of an exponential growth in Ethereum based projects, and that the forthcoming years will see an explosion of demand for users. RefToken will be the link that connects these projects to the partners that can deliver these users and govern the commercial relationship between the two entities.

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Reftoken ICO ICO Details

Reftoken ICO Start: 11 17 2017

Reftoken ICO End: 12 17 2017

Reftoken Symbol: REF

Reftoken Platform: Ethereum

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