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ICO Description

Recast1 is the method of earning tokens by transferring and staking tokens, which is what tokens were originally intended for.  It will be a platform where they can earn coins by supplying coins at certain annual rates, without mining.  Although the founders of the token are economists, strategists, analysts, software developers and engineers, the power of the idea can be associated with real life.


Starting from the foundations of the world economy, an inflationary monetary base was created to meet the needs of the world at that time. For example: as the use of a local currency increases, its supply will increase, and as people meet their needs, this is the principle on which the R1 token is based.


An unlimited supply will also make an annual limited supply, and they will be able to do this simply by transferring and staking.


All institutions and individuals in the world will be able to create their own profiles and easily find what they are looking for about all economic units in the world.

Each profile will be defined as Economist and stratejist after reaching 1000 followers in the first place.

If they wish they will be able to share their members indivudally for R1 Coins.

Economists and Strategists will be able to sell their sofrware, indicators and economic articles as NFT if they wish.

Investors will be able to receive retraining according to the expertise of economist and strategist accounts, if they wish.In short, everything about all economy wheels will be found on this platform.

A general news network will be vreated about all economic activities in the world.

Our aim with this platform is to enable each individual to be their to be their own economist and strategist and to ensure that investment analysis is done correctly.



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ICO Details

ICO «Recast1» ICO Start: 2021-06-15

ICO «Recast1» ICO End: 2021-11-30

ICO «Recast1» Symbol: R1

ICO «Recast1» Platform: TRC20

ICO «Recast1» Offering Type: ICO

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