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Raaskoin ICO

ICO Raaskoin Description:

ICO Description

Raaskoin is a revolutionary digital asset backed by a Diversified Precious Basket of Physical Gold, Silver, and Platinum. The real assets in the Precious Basket have been used as a medium of exchange and to preserve wealth throughout history. The stability of their long-term purchasing power is unprecedented and superior to any fiat currency even known to the world.


At purchase, the price of reference is the prevailing gold market price at London Fix, but the holders of Raaskoins will have the freedom to back their tokens by any asset or a combination of assets in the Precious Basket at market price. Thus, Raaskoin has a dual peg: a direct peg to gold and an indirect peg to silver and platinum.


Each Raaskoin represents One-Tenth of Fine Gram of pure gold or its equivalent of silver, or platinum. Anyone who owns Raaskoin owns the underlying gold, silver or platinum held in the Precious Basket under vaulted custody. Raaskoin is built as an Ethereum-based ERC-20 Protocol making it compatible with most of the Ethereum Blockchain’s extensive network of wallets, exchanges, lenders, and other platforms. All transactions operate therefore according to the rules of the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, which eliminates human error as the system operates only as programmed.


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⭐ Raaskoin ICO details:

Raaskoin ICO ICO Details

Raaskoin ICO Start: 07 01 2021

Raaskoin ICO End: 10 01 2021

Raaskoin Symbol: Raas

Raaskoin Platform: ERC-20

Raaskoin Offering Type: ICO

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