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Qorra ICO

ICO Qorra Description:

ICO Description

Qorra is your safeguard in the Metaverse. We’re introducing a novel platform, powered by blockchain technology, that insures your digital assets, especially Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, Qorra elevates security in the digital asset space while being steered by a community-driven DAO. By joining our initial token offering, you secure your NFTs and gain a say in Qorra’s future, sharing in its triumphs.


As the Metaverse expands, the risks of digital asset theft and fraud are escalating. These threats pose a substantial obstacle to Web3 adoption and present a significant challenge to the growing tokenised marketplace.


Qorra steps in with a robust solution, offering unparalleled insurance protection for digital assets, especially NFTs. Our proprietary Multi3™ system and Horreum function as a formidable fortress, protecting your digital endeavours and significantly minimising scam incidents.


Our Ethereum-based utility token, the Qorra Token, is key to our ecosystem. It’s used to secure policies for insured protection of NFTs, ensuring ongoing value for token holders. Additionally, token holders can participate in the Qorra DAO, influencing the platform’s future direction and sharing in its success.


The initial round of our offering exclusively involves P-Qorra tokens at a preferential price. This offering is to secure discounted insurance coverage for your NFTs on our Beta platform. After this initial phase, P-Qorra tokens will convert to Qorra tokens at a 1:1 ratio within 12 months from issuance. To facilitate this conversion, holders of P-Qorra tokens will need their issued NFTs and their P-Qorra tokens.


$0.50 PER TOKEN Pre-Private Sale (P-Qorra)
Post-launch, each Qorra token will cost $1.00 USDT PER TOKEN


The Future of Insured Protection in the Metaverse!

⭐ Qorra ICO details:

Qorra ICO ICO Details

Qorra ICO Start: 07 27 2023

Qorra ICO End: 11 30 2023

Qorra Symbol: PQOR

Qorra Platform: Ethereum

Qorra Offering Type: ICO

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