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PowerGold ICO

ICO PowerGold Description:

ICO Description

PowerGold specializes in renewable energy production, targeting the acquisition of at least 5 MW in facilities, equivalent to around 5 million euros, across Europe. This includes investments in photovoltaic parks, wind turbines, and potentially future hydropower and storage solutions.


Embracing tokenization, PowerGold has launched the ENP token to enhance investment transparency, create a trustworthy business environment, and foster solid relationships with investors, all while driving forward its mission of sustainable energy production.


PowerGold revolutionizes green energy investment with the power of blockchain. By using tokenization, PowerGold makes renewable energy investment transparent and accessible to all.

The sustainability challenges our society faces require the involvement of us all. But investing in energy has historically been reserved to professional investors, with high barriers to entry and little transparency. This creates distance between individuals and the allocation of resources towards sustainability. By tokenizing our investment, we make it accessible to all, closing the gap within our society and giving the opportunity to everyone to participate in the efforts to sustainability.


The renewable energy sector offers various types of facilities, from solar farms to offshore and onshore wind turbines. PowerGold will start its journey with the acquisition of solar farms, as they are more accessible and require less maintenance, but as the company grows, there are numerous assets that will be unlocked and that provides more yield opportunities.

⭐ PowerGold ICO details:

PowerGold ICO ICO Details

PowerGold ICO Start: 01 08 2024

PowerGold ICO End: 02 29 2024

PowerGold Symbol: ENP

PowerGold Platform: Own Blockchain

PowerGold Private Sale Start: 2024-01-08

PowerGold Private Sale Finish: 2024-02-29

PowerGold Offering Type: ICO

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