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Posschain ICO

ICO Posschain Description:

ICO Description

Posschain is a next-generation blockchain protocol that allows all legacy, current, and future blockchains to scale and communicate with each other seamlessly. Through sharding, interoperability, and centralized AI consensus protocol, Posschain opens up many possibilities in the blockchain space. After extensive research, the Posschain development team has designed and built an enterprisegrade blockchain platform solution that combines the best features of each existing blockchain.


Posschain paves the way for blockchain and distributed technology by simplifying the use and development of blockchains and addressing common issues such as blockchain interoperability, scalability, and sustainability. Posschain provides advantages over existing and legacy blockchains, such as sharding, simple blockchain creation and implementation, cross-chain capabilities, and high transaction throughput.


Posschain includes an AI model at the heart of the blockchain. This AI model helps the network reach consensus effectively and reduces the overall byzantine error of the network. These speeds up the network's batch processing times and keeps the network running under attacks or flags. Posschain's AI model coordinates the various roles of each node in the network. The nodes are arranged in a hierarchy based on a trust rating system. The higher the node reaches the order, the higher the degree of trust. A higher degree of confidence provides access to vital roles in the network. A node's trust rating can be adversely affected and then dropped if the node mishandles a transaction. This mainly includes disrupting or slowing down the network or creating an incorrect trade.



⚡Total sales: 5.000.000 POSS

⚡Total softcap: $1.725.000

⚡Total hardcap: $2.300.000

⚡Planned listing price (Min): 2$

⚡Minimum purchase: $50

⚡Maximum purchase: $10,000

⚡Referral bonus: 20% 


ICO Round 1 Details:

⚡ Start date: 30.05.2022 

⚡ End date: 30.06.2022

⚡ $0.20 price for 1.000.000 POSS

⚡ Softcap: 750.000 POSS


ICO Round 2 Details:

⚡ Start date: 01.07.2022 

⚡ End date: 01.08.2022

⚡ $0.40 price for 1.500.000 POSS

⚡ Softcap: 1.125.000 POSS

ICO Round 3 Details:

⚡ Start date: 02.08.2022 

⚡ End date: 02.09.2022

⚡ $0.60 price for 2.500.000 POSS

⚡ Softcap: 1.500.000 POSS

⭐ Posschain ICO details:

Posschain ICO ICO Details

Posschain ICO Start: 05 30 2022

Posschain ICO End: 09 02 2022

Posschain Symbol: POSS

Posschain Platform: Posschain

Posschain Offering Type: ICO

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