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Polycruz ICO

ICO Polycruz Description:

ICO Description

Polycruz, an esteemed blockchain and crypto-based company, operates with the prime objective of making the investors reap remarkable returns at low risk and minimal effort. CRUZ, the indigenous token of the platform, is a BEP-20 standard token built on the robust Binance Smart Chain network. It is one of the more successful network that assures swift transactions at an affordable price. It offers a decentralized NFT marketplace, Metaverse and Play to Earn Game, NFT Launchpad, NFT aggregators Tools, INO Launchpad,  that permits the users to purchase, sell, trade, mint and stake NFTs effortlessly.


By leveraging the new NFT concept, Polycruz aims to build it’s own NFT marketplace and become a reputable blockchain and crypto-based organization. It is one of the few organizations that acknowledges the rising potential of NFTs in the crypto sphere. Our NFT marketplace bestows NFT collectors all across the globe the ability to purchase, sell, trade, mint, and hold NFTs easily. It does not involve any third parties in the platform, thereby facilitating a peer-to-peer connection between the users. Though the platform will be initially built based on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Solana enabling a multi-chain facility is a part of our groundbreaking roadmap.


Polycruz's Ecosystem

Digital Artwork: Art is one of the most popular forms of NFT out there. You can think about them as the digital version of physical paintings, drawings, or photographs.
The most famous digital work is Beepie's "Everydays: The First 5000 Days” which was sold for $69 million.
In-Game Assets: Our storefront will be equipped with fantastic in-game assets. It will include skins, weapons, accessories, characters and other game-related items. Purchasing such valuable assets and using them in the game will enhance the user experience.
Axies from Axie Infinity became one of the most popular game NFTs in 2021
Music: Another form of NFT art is music. By selling music in the form of NFTs, artists can benefit from reaching their fans directly, avoiding concerns about music piracy and intermediaries.
Artists such as Deadmau5, Grimes, 3Lau, or Kings of Leon have jumped into this trend.
Metaverse Land: NFT has the potential to represent both tangible and intangible assets. Here, the virtual land will be tokenized into NFTs, and it could be bought and sold between the participants. The ownership rights for the asset will be directly recorded on the blockchain, thereby making it an immutable, inalienable right.
Metaverses allow users to interact with a virtual ecosystem, where they can buy, sell, trade, and own virtual real estate.
Decentraland and The Sandbox are well-known metaverses where you can get NFT virtual land.
Sports: To bring in the sports audience and to keep their adrenaline rush high, we will offer sports-based NFTs. It will includes digital trading cards of players, their accessories, autographed items, memorabilia, etc.
Video clips & GIFs: These NFTs can be the motion version of paintings and digital drawings. But they can also be loop videos or memorable sports moments, among many others.
In February 2021, the 22-seconds clip "LeBron James's Kobe Bryant tribute dunk" was sold for $387,600.
Memes: NFT memes are as funny as regular ones, with the difference that you can mint them, trade them or own them and prove ownership.
The most valuable meme to date is the Doge meme, which sold for a jaw- dropping $4 million.
Avatars & PFPs: Profile Pictures collections (PFPs) often have thousands of unique avatars that vary in rarity according to their traits.
The most famous are Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, Lazy Lions, and Hashmasks, among many others.
Trading Cards: These NFTs are the evolution of traditional collectable cards and have dual use: to play in the game and as a collectable.
God's Unchained and Sorare cards can be good examples of these NFTs.
Virtual Fashion: Consider this type of NFT as your digital closet for your virtual life, where you can find anything to wear: sneakers, hoodies, sunglasses, even new skins for your avatar.
Adidas already dresses Bored Apes, and brands such as Balenciaga or Ralph Lauren have also created their fashion NFTs.
Domain Names: Traditional domains are the ones that end in ".com" or ".org". For its part, decentralized domain name services let you register a domain name and sell it on NFT marketplaces.
Budweiser paid almost $100,000 for the NFT domain ''beer.eth"
Text-Based NFTs: From literary works to a single text, anything written can be minted as NFT. Think of it as a single copy of a newspaper or a letter from another century, for example.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold the first tweet ever made for $2.9 million.
Ticket & Membership NFTs: These NFTs can serve as entry tickets for events within a certain metaverse or as commemorative tickets for physical events, like concerts or sports matches.
2022 Super Bowl LVI attendees received a commemorative NFT virtual ticket.
Real-World Assets: Anything physical can be represented by an NFT. This tokenization of real- world assets introduces flexibility and record-keeping of ownership.
The Future of PolyCruz
Staking: The platform users will be enabled with a fantastic opportunity to stake their NFTs. By staking these assets, they could earn exciting rewards. The impressive return on investment rates will make the users gain an excellent passive income revenue stream including earning CRUZ tokens in return.

ICO Polycruz Video Presentation:


⭐ Polycruz ICO details:

Polycruz ICO ICO Details

Polycruz ICO Start: 06 15 2022

Polycruz ICO End: 08 31 2022

Polycruz Symbol: Cruz

Polycruz Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Polycruz PreICO Start: 2022-06-15

Polycruz PreICO End: 2022-07-30

Polycruz Private Sale Start: 2022-08-01

Polycruz Private Sale Finish: 2022-08-31

Polycruz Offering Type: ICO

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