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Pocketinns ICO

ICO Pocketinns Description:

ICO Description

PocketInns was founded by seasoned professionals who have years of extensive experience from the IT, travel & hospitality industry, but we're not nameless industry professionals. We're like you. We've traveled extensively around the world, and we know what you go through.

We know travelers and the travel industry, both the good and bad. Because of our experience, we wanted to create a boutique short-term and vacation rental experience that surpasses all the big wigs in the market. We've used other short term and vacation rental companies' sites and found many of them painful and convoluted. We saw the need to streamline the process and provide our customers with a uniquely positive experience.

In simpler terms think of Pocketinns as a company operating on the lines of Costco or Netflix where in this case it’s a true community driven peer to peer digital economy with multiple marketplaces that include Travel, Accommodations, ridesharing, car rentals, real estate, ecommerce and thousands of other marketplaces operating under one single ecosystem.

These transactions under the Pocketinns ecosystem are supported between the buyers and sellers with its own supporting internal financial network and its own internal Pinns currency that powers this ecosystem.

This ecosystem will be driven, controlled & majorly managed by its own community as the ecosystem grows. This is made possible with the entire ecosystem operating and transacting with its own currency known as the Pinns tokens. Pocketinns makes this possible by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

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Pocketinns ICO ICO Details

Pocketinns ICO Start: 01 15 2018

Pocketinns ICO End: 01 31 2018

Pocketinns Symbol: PINNS

Pocketinns Platform: Ethereum

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