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ICO PlayHall Platform

⭐ Gaming and VR

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ICO Description

PlayHall is a new decentralized blockchain platform for online skill-based games. The core idea behind is to provide gamers with a chance to test their skills in PvP (Player versus Player) matches, participate in global and local tournaments and receive a prize of real value in cryptocurrency.

PlayHall is a multi-cryptocurrency platform, meaning that along with popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc., participants are given with the opportunity to use PlayHall Token (PHT). PHT tokens play an essential role in the work of the platform, for they can be used not only as a reward in PvP matches and tournaments, but also as a means of conducting the voting process. This means that all PHT token holders can take part in making decisions regarding the platform's development and management.  

PlayHall offers a demo version of the platform with a limited number of games even before the start of the token sale, so that users can test the convenience and safety of the platform.  

PlayHall Token (PHT)

The PlayHall Token (PHT) is an ERC20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain platform. PHT serves as a payment tool within the PlayHall ecosystem. PlayHall tokens will allow gamers to participate in tournaments. They also serve as a major tool for decision making on the issues concerning platform management and gaming process organization through made by vote. The PlayHall token emission is meant to finance the platform more from the perspective of development and marketing and to extend the geography of the project.  

Gamers can place bets in PvP matches using any cryptocurrency available on the platform, including PHTs. A part of the platform commission from every victory in the match will be allocated to the prize pool. Participation in such tournaments will be open only to PHT holders. Half of the raised PHTs goes to the developers of the game, on which the tournament is operated. The other half is allocated to the further maintenance and reinforcement of the platform reserve fund

The voting, in which only PHT token holders can participate, will address key issues related to business processes and the future vector of project development on the platform: changing the terms of cooperation with game developers and attracting new developers, adding new games on the platform, changing the commission, allocating additional grants to developers, changing voting parameters, developing new functionality and addressing other important issues.


  • February, 2018 - March, 2018: Token Pre-Sale  
  • April, 2018 - June, 2018: start of Token Sale
  • July, 2018: realization of voting system
  • August, 2018: launch of the first 20 games of the platform with the possibility of playing with cryptocurrency and PHT tokens
  • September, 2018: holding the first tournament
  • December, 2018: PlayHall platform offers about 50 games
  • December, 2019: PlayHall platform offers about 200 games





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✅ ICO PlayHall Platform details

ICO Details

ICO «PlayHall Platform» ICO Start: 2018-06-01

ICO «PlayHall Platform» ICO End: 2018-06-30

ICO «PlayHall Platform» Symbol: PHT

ICO «PlayHall Platform» Platform: Ethereum

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