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ICO PHI Token Description:

ICO Description

THE FIRST HYBRID ROBO INVESTING PLATFORM THAT ALLOWS TO INVEST BOTH IN TRADITIONAL AND CRYPTO ASSETS. The first Wealth Management marketplace that combines traditional finance and the crypto world into a new, higher return and more robust way to invest in the long term.

The PHI platform is developing a really un-modifiable archiving process, not because it is required by European or Maltese legislation, but because we want to provide the utmost seriousness and maximum security to investors. The same will be the case for contracts signed digitally by customers. All documents are processed into Hash and deposited on blockchain to give certain date and unchangeability of the contracts still available through through customer’s reserved area. Last but not least, the blockchain will also be used to record every single advice that asset managers, wealth managers or financial planner issue, in a way that avoids conflicts or misinterpretations or actions by all the actors involved.

One of the key success factor of an asset management system is trust. To facilitate this trust, PHI will implement a Blockchain Document Management System (BDMS) to ensure what has been agreed upon is captured and stored easily and ensure that documents cannot be altered. The primary purpose of BDMS is to ensure authenticity of all documents in the system following 3 key principals:

Immutability: Ensuring that once the document is added to the repository it cannot be modified

Authenticity: A document must be verifiable by anyone that has access to it

Timestamp: A reasonable assurance about the date the document was added to the repo

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⭐ PHI Token ICO details:

PHI Token ICO ICO Details

PHI Token ICO Start: 03 08 2018

PHI Token ICO End: 03 21 2018

PHI Token Symbol: PHI

PHI Token Platform: ethereum

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