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ICO People's Coin

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ICO People's Coin Description:

ICO Description

People’s Coin (PCN) is the native currency for People’s Decentralized Financial Network  (PDFN), a people driven ecosystem which is powered by a utility token to aid initialization of ecosystem projects. Holding PCN today gives you a featured spending guarantee with its ability to hold and trade as a dedicated team of diverse expertise rolls out people oriented projects geared towards our everyday life and style ranging from Sports, Customer Rewards System, Manufacturing Industry, Health Insurance and Records, Supply Chain Management, Pharmaceutical Services just to mention a few with the intended application of Blockchain Technology, Internet of Things(IoT), Artificial Intelligence  (AI) and Edge Computing  (EC) while promoting the adoption of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance.


Why Join People’s Community

People’s Decentralized Financial Network has a community of over 400 developers across the world developing various online and offline services to profit you, your business, health, education, religion, etc. These services cut across web service, desktop/laptop software, mobile apps, etc to bring you services you can only get access through the People’s Coin ecosystem as the services will never be replicated outside the ecosystem so we encourage everyone to hold People’s Coin and let face the future.


PCN is a revolutionize Blockchain Technology which is been integrated into our day-to-day activities ranging from waking up, to your daily exercise, breakfast, business activities, religious activities, family, education and so on.


This is the big thing you have been waiting so join the presale and let’s kick off.


The Vision

We see a cryptocurrency away from the norms, a coin powered by the people, of the people and for the people use in their day to day activities. A coin with practical application which is decentralized and trustless, giving you a DeFi Wallet with military grade security. 

The future and adoption of Blockchain Technology lies on People’s Coin.




We are dedicated to our vision and to accomplish it we have set the following objective to guide the entire vision for the people.


1. To build a living cryptocurrency for the people. 

2. To deliver secure financial services to the people. 

3. Support the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. 

4. To give people freedom from the centralized financial system. 

5. To ensure people are formulated, embraced and empowered for the next financial system of the world. 

6. We want to deliver systems to every aspect of human engagement.

⭐ People's Coin ICO details:

People's Coin ICO ICO Details

People's Coin ICO Start: 11 11 2021

People's Coin ICO End: 12 22 2021

People's Coin Symbol: PCN

People's Coin Platform: Binance Smart Chain

People's Coin PreICO Start: 2021-11-01

People's Coin PreICO End: 2021-11-19

People's Coin Private Sale Start: 2021-10-15

People's Coin Private Sale Finish: 2021-10-30

People's Coin Offering Type: ICO

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