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Pelssa Assets is an integrated NFT platform that lets creators earn passive income with their works. Creators can not only mint and trade their work

Pelssa Assets is an integrated NFT platform that lets creators earn passive income with their works. Creators can not only mint and trade their work as NFTs but also license the items out to people interested in using them (items) in projects. Users can tokenize anything, from art to pictures, web elements, videos, architectural designs, and so on.


On Pelssa Assets, earning doesn't stop when you sell an NFT, the item may still be a passive source of income for you. It's a new ecosystem aiming to reward creators and offer abundant selection of digital items for project developers.



The mission of Pelssa is to maximize the potential of NFTs and open cryptocurrency to a new set of use cases. Our main aim is to give creators an avenue to make more money licensing out their works, even after they have sold them as NFTs. Also, we are determined to make it easier for users to convert the wealth accumulated in cryptocurrency into a real-life experience as well as being able to create NFT for just anything they own. We are creating an all-in-one platform that lets anyone tokenize their assets and use those tokens to take part in real-time trading at almost no cost.

Not only this, Defi users will be introduced to a vast number of features that eliminate the struggles users face when performing transactions on decentralized platforms. For instance, a cryptocurrency coin usually goes through several processes before it can serve as a legal tender. The whole method is difficult and time-consuming.

The Pelssa team is determined to put an end to this by letting creators offer their items for licensing, anyone interested in using those items in their project will pay to use them. Besides, users will be able to transact directly using their assets, creators will earn passive income forever, and project developers can get licenses to use items in their projects. We are breaking the barriers. With BSC, we can offer low transaction fees while prioritizing efficiency and utmost security. The plan is to partner with reputable financial institutions and work together to facilitate the acceptance of cryptocurrency assets across the globe.


Our vision is an ecosystem where fast, easy and decentralized products and services that meet an individual's needs are delivered in a timely, responsible, and sustainable manner. Apart from this, we project a platform that will be the forerunner of all Defi products and use cases in the nearest future and easily accessible assets with more use cases that will drive adoption, and increase demand and value.

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