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Ophelius Labs ICO

ICO Ophelius Labs Description:

ICO Description

Ophelius Labs created by a group of professionals from San Diego, CA USA who dreamt of starting something completely new, based on Blockchain, AI, Quantum Computing, Programmable Tokens, and 3D Printing.  Together, we established Ophelius Labs, a company dedicated to implementing these fundamentals into ecosystems for the manufacturing sector. 

In the industrial and manufacturing sector, companies spend time, manpower, and resources to manage operational platforms [accounting, production, human resources, so on and so forth]  Even though this is considered disruptive; it is the standard.  Managing multiple platforms, takes resources away from the primary goal of a company; which is growth, sustainability, predictability, and ultimately profit and liquidity. 


As companies grow, the dependency on these platforms increases, which adds to the disruptive costs that are incurred in order to “just” manage these platforms.  By achieving an inclusive ecosystem built on Programmable Tokens + A.I. + 3D Printing, a company can refocus its resources back on production efficiency.

Programmable Tokens + A.I. + 3D Printing

⭐ Ophelius Labs ICO details:

Ophelius Labs ICO ICO Details

Ophelius Labs ICO Start: 08 30 2019

Ophelius Labs ICO End: 02 15 2020

Ophelius Labs Symbol: OPPL

Ophelius Labs Platform: BrightCoin.us

Ophelius Labs PreICO Start: 2019-07-01

Ophelius Labs PreICO End: 2019-07-15

Ophelius Labs Offering Type: STO

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