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OpenMoney ICO

ICO OpenMoney Description:

ICO Description

Open Money is the first multi city blockchain initiative to bridge the gap between mainstream software and the blockchain. The OPEN Platform has one goal - to drive mainstream use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies globally through the common individual.

One year ago, the total market cap of Bitcoin and Ethereum was just under $10 billion. Today their combined market caps have aggressively grown to over $100 billion in value. Yet, despite the massive value and rapid growth of both blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, there is still no mainstream use of these innovations. This is due in part to the lack of an ecosystem with the critical elements needed for software developers to build consumer and enterprise applications – monetization and distribution. Still, the liquid, digital, cryptocurrency market represents a highly attractive opportunity for software developers to tap into.

Open Money will solve this by launching the OPEN Platform, an API platform that will enable enterprise and consumer software application developers to tap into the liquidity, innovation and future potential of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The OPEN Platform will act as the first ecosystem for mainstream developers to build widespread use applications that utilize blockchain related technologies.

Comprised of exceptionally experienced individuals in technical achievement, the Open Money team has a proven track record of achievement: architecting an incredibly popular mainstream app with 50 million+ downloads, scaling digital projects for major brands like Toyota and Adidas, being featured in both New York Times and CNBC, serving as Director for two publicly traded companies, consulting engineers at Yahoo on mobile growth, leading the deployment of the Asia-Pacific Head Quarters for the billion-dollar software company Pivotal Labs, and leading the development of the Blackberry OS native Facebook app.

The Open Money team is bringing their proven experience into the development of the OPEN Platform.

⭐ OpenMoney ICO details:

OpenMoney ICO ICO Details

OpenMoney ICO Start: 10 07 2017

OpenMoney ICO End: 11 04 2017

OpenMoney Symbol: OPEN

OpenMoney Platform: Ethereum

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