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One Click Crypto ICO

ICO One Click Crypto Description:

ICO Description

One Click AI Invest
Invest in the most prominent coins with one click. Powered by a set of artificial intelligence tools extracting data from all of web2 and web3, the software automatically allocates your fiat/stablecoins in the assets that have the best-expected return.
The best part is that it’s non-custodial and allows buying crypto even with a credit card or bank account without registration.

One Click AI Trade (DEX)
Trade your crypto from anywhere, anytime, with the cheapest rates. With the One Click decentralized exchange cross-chain aggregator, you can get the best price for your trade.
The AI automatically analyzes prices for your assets across DEXs from 20+ blockchains and executes the trade through a bridge even if an exchange is located on another blockchain.

One Click Treasury Management
Institutional-grade AI-backed asset management tools that allow generating an extra yield on the idle assets in project treasury.
One Click Borrow/Lend
Simple solutions to borrow or lend your crypto cross-chain and with collateral.
One Click Stake
Stake your crypto for passive income with one click.
One Click Farm/Yield
Another way to deploy your crypto for additional passive income. The AI engine will autosuggest the most optimal yield sources in terms of risk-to-reward and update allocations in real time.
One Click Wallet
Store crypto securely on One Click non-custodial wallet with AI-powered functionalities.
One Click Bridge
Bridge your assets cross-chain with a single click with layer-0 solutions.
One Click Analytics
Examine the state of your assets across all exchanges, wallets, and chains with AI-powered data analysis.
One Click Card
Spend your crypto using a firmed One Click debit card.
Token features/utility
1CC token launched on the PoS-turbocharged Ethereum blockchain is powering up the One Click Crypto economy.
1CC utilities are not limited to the following:
0% fee
0% trading fees on One Click Trade by holding 1CC.
Automatic purchases
In One Click Invest, 1CC is automatically purchased from the open market from 1% of the transaction volume, thereby generating upward pressure.
Unlock functionalities
Unlocks advanced functions in One Click Wallet and Analytics.
Better yield
Get improved yields with 1CC on One Click Stake and Farm.
Better rates
Get better lending and borrowing terms with 1CC.
Turbocharged treasury management
Better yields and discounted fees in One Click Treasury Management with 1CC.
Get cashback on purchases from One Click Card by holding 1CC.
One Click Earn
Get passive revenue reflections just by holding 1CC in your wallet — the % of the profit will be automatically distributed between token holders.
Burn on transaction
0.1% of the token will be burned automatically from each transaction.
Buyback and burn
Additionally, up to 25% of the total supply will be burned across the next five years with buybacks.

⭐ One Click Crypto ICO details:

One Click Crypto ICO ICO Details

One Click Crypto ICO Start: 10 26 2022

One Click Crypto ICO End: 11 27 2022

One Click Crypto Symbol: 1CC

One Click Crypto Platform: Ethereum

One Click Crypto Offering Type: ICO

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