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El Petro's last chance: on the threshold of a decisive stage

ICO-NEWS-El-Petros-last-chance Nicolás Maduro | President of Venezuela

The loud statements of the President of Venezuela about the upcoming triumph of El Petro cryptocurrency and the possibilities to destroy the US sanctions pressure with its help have not yet received practical confirmation.

Against this background, a number of questions arise: is there a future for the coin, will it be presented in the listing of stock exchanges and can Maduro be able to put the country "on its feet" with the help of Petro.

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Venezuela will start using petro in international trade

ICO-NEWS-Venezuela-will-start-using-petro Nicolas Maduro | President of Venezuela

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro announced that Petro's National Petroleum Cryptocurrency, secured by oil, will be used for settlements in international trade from October. These words were heard on the air of local television.

"The Petro enters ... as a currency of exchange, purchase and convertible currencies for the world," Maduro said during the broadcast.

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