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URUST GLOBAL Set Their Sight on Decentralised Metaverse


Metaverse is undoubtedly becoming part of everyone's future. While this is exciting, it does raise a philosophical question which is in whose hand that future will be? As our society values freedom above all else, it is necessary to keep the provisioning of Metaverse and its inclusion in the control of the people, as opposed to leaving it for a selected few Big Tech.

Kevin O'Leary: Crypto companies will enter the S&P 500 index

Kevin O Kevin O'Leary - esteemed venture capitalist

Digital Assets: The Future 12th Sector of the Economy in the S&P 500 Index

Mark Zuckerberg Plans to Launch His Own Cryptocurrency in the Metaverse

Zuckerberg--to-Launch-His-Own-Crypto Mark Zuckerberg - CEO of Meta

Meta Considering Launching "Zuck Bucks" Cryptocurrency in the Metaverse

What is the metaverse and how does crypto betting fit in

What-is-the-metaverse What is the metaverse and how does crypto betting fit in

If you're into technology and how it can affect our collective future, the term' Metaverse' is probably familiar to you. Virtual reality was once considered a science fiction concept, but it has now become widely employed. Another area where the internet, virtual reality, and betting are coming together in creative ways is the concept of a metaverse. Find out more about the metaverse and the gaming opportunities it provides by clicking here. Metaverse betting

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